Risk Score

June 1, 2023

And just like that... it's June. This is the longest time that I've stayed in the Philippines, or in Manila for that matter. It doesn't exactly align with the lifestyle I've built for the past two years, but all things considered, it's not at all negative. I previously mentioned that I kind of put my life on hold for a while as I prepare for something else that is much bigger. Though it was a conscious choice, somehow, I wish I had traveled the Philippines more. However, I was presented with options, and choosing to stay put is the most logical choice for now. 

Someone once told me that I tend to approach things from a logical standpoint and make decisions based on that. As a result, I unconsciously keep my emotions guarded and my walls up, which makes it difficult to connect with me emotionally. That hasn't been entirely true lately. I've been experiencing a whirlwind of emotions recently... and I almost made a very unwise decision solely driven by those emotions. I work in an environment wherein I always have to weigh risk scores and make decisions based on that, but it didn't occur to me that applying that concept in my personal life is equally beneficial.

Being a strong independent woman has taught me to handle things on my own, and honestly I prefer it that way. However, situations like this made me realize that asking for help is ok. When emotions cloud your judgment, it's truly invaluable to have someone in your corner who knocks some sense out of you and make you see things in a logical perspective — not one to coddle you simply because you're experiencing heightened emotions; instead one that's going to acknowledge how you feel, but would also remind you that you can do much more beyond those emotions. 

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