Hi there! My name is Xeph, your distressed nacho. I've been intermittently blogging (or writing, as I prefer to call it) since 2009. Back then, I wrote mainly to dump my photos and my thoughts along with it. As I try to revive that version of me, I thought this space would be a good avenue. 

I'm a photo hobbyist by chance. I enjoy capturing moments and revisiting them once they have passed. I own a Fujifilm mirrorless camera — which I seldom use and will likely dispose of soon, and a vintage Olympus Pen EE-3 film camera — which I am still in the process of mastering.

I am a cybersecurity professional, and as much as I claim not to be a nerd, I can't deny that somehow that's true. Working remotely allows me to pursue my passion for traveling the world to the fullest extent possible. Since 2021, I have been embarking on solo journeys, which have proven to be the most fulfilling adventures for me.

DISTRESSED NACHO doesn't really mean anything other than by the time I was thinking of a blog name, I was eating tortilla chips while staring at my pair of my jeans on the floor, which was fiercely gnawed by my dog.