Copenhagen, Denmark

Cold Summer

June 13, 2024

The enigma of human psychology continuously amuses me. How is it possible that sometimes, we feel a storm of sensations, yet at other times, we feel nothing at all? How can it be that sometimes we are drowned by emotions, yet other times we seem completely empty? Is that a question that is analogous to "why is there day and night?" Or is it closer to "why does the wind whisper or rage?"

As I sit here looking through my window in a cold summer night, I can't help but wonder, does mother nature also feel the same? And if she does, does she communicate it to us by bringing us coldness during summer and warmth during winter? Do we embrace it as a standard of normalcy? Do we detest it as if there's something we can do? And just like our emotions, do we calm it down? Do we make peace with it? Or do we throw it in the back burner hoping that by the time we get back to it, it has gone on it's own?

As humans, who rejoice rainbows and butterflies, do we also radiate our bliss back to earth, hoping that someday somehow, it would pay it forward? And by the time that we're given a cold summer, do we consider it a blessing or a curse?

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