Sunshine Series (Vol. 1)

January 28, 2024

Back when my blogging days were at their peak, almost everyone had a blog series that is called The Happy List. The Happy List is basically a collection of the things — big or small — that brought joy into our lives. Back then, it was merely listing those things, but as you grow older, it evolves into a practice of gratitude in which jotting them down is almost reliving the moment. Cheesy, I know. *insert throwing up emoji* As I feel really calm tonight, I find myself re-initiating this concept in my current blog, from here on out is known as Sunshine Series

It's in moments like these that the urge to grab my laptop and start writing takes over. My neighborhood is usually quiet, except for the weekly guitar playing and singing sessions by my neighbor. Ordinarily, Sunday nights are meant to be peaceful and unsolicited noises are not welcome, but I've found a sense of calm in these occasional bursts of music. It's a complement to my very cozy bed situation: scented candles and a book in hand — which I temporarily put down for now as I had the (now very rare) urge to write. 

So... here's a non-exhaustive list of the things that recently make me happy (with little to almost no explanation, and in no particular order).

  • The ever-changing hues of the sky throughout the day never fail to captivate me.
  • The most valued alone time I have on my train rides to and from work. It's my little window to indulge in a good book.
  • And then there's running—oh, the joy of it. Those close to me understand the profound impact it has had on my mental well-being. Running is my sanctuary, a time to clear my mind and make room for creativity.
  • Pastries have become a newfound delight for me, and I finally comprehend why Danes have such a deep love for them.
  • Being introduced to the people that matter most to someone. 
  • Future travel plans, and mostly knowing that I won't be doing them alone anymore. 
  • Getting assistance with my apartment chores especially during the times when I need it the most. Getting the 80 percent when I'm only at my 20. 
  • Closing a chapter that never even began. 
There you go, ladies and gentlemen. Let's keep the positive energy and get through the upcoming week. 

Your distressed nacho, X. *wink*

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